Karma Bracelet

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  • A Spiritual Warrior does not blame or project onto others. He accepts the outer mirror created by his karma from this life and past lives. He works consciously to move continuously towards the light and clean his karma in this life.

    Carnelian protects you from all kind of negative energies replacing them by positive ones. Helps to focus the mind and aids in decision making. It increases stamina and self confidence. Its grounding effects helps you feel in control of your life.

    Jasper is known to combat exhaustion and fatigue. Aligning all the chakras and balancing the yin/yang energies, it is stabilising and healing as well as grounding.


    6 mm Carnelian
    6 mm Lava
    6 mm Picture Jasper
    7 mm Rudraksha


    Rudraksha 5.5mm to 7mm :

    • S : 17.5cm
    • M : 18.5 cm
    • L : 19.5cm
    • XL : 20.5 cm