Forgiveness Bracelet

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  • A Spiritual Warrior is forgiving of himself and others. He knows that all of life’s circumstances are created for learning and growing. Forgiveness of himself and others is the key to a spiritual warrior’s happiness.

    Tiger’s eye is helping one to understand any cycle in life that one is living, it enhances courage, physical strength, passion and vitality. It brings together energies of heaven & earth, lifting our vibrations.

    Agate is known for rebalancing and harmonizing body, mind and spirit. It also cleanses and stabilizes the aura, banishing negativity. It stimulates and strengthens our analytical capabilities, encouraging us to think clearly and concentrate upon the task at hand. Allows us to gain inspiration from spiritual words.

    Garnet promotes vigor and vitality. It is a sexual stimulant as well. It Calms anger and increases will power. It stimulates circulation, especially in lungs, skin and intestines. It is also good for finance.


    6 mm Fire Agate
    6 mm Tiger Eye
    7 mm Rudraksha
    8 mm F Garnet


    Rudraksha 5.5mm to 7mm :

    • S : 17.5cm
    • M : 18.5 cm
    • L : 19.5cm
    • XL : 20.5 cm